Post One: Deciphering the First Brief

Yesterday, Wednesday the 6th we received our first photo essay. In this assignment we are required to make a three picture story which portrays a “social situation”. Some of the key points from the brief include the need to “reveal an in-depth representation of my [your] chosen subject”. Basically, we are asked to choose a subject that describes a “social situation”. As well as this we must “demonstrate the ability to effectively research material relevant to the brief”.

The aim of this assignment is to re-familiarize us with all the processes involved in producing a photo essay; the research, the planning and the creation of our images, as well as the presentation.

The term “social situation” is indeed a broad one. A quick Google search confirms that almost any interaction shared between two or more people can be seen in some way as a social situation. Something as simple as a family having dinner together is a very basic and simple example of a social situation, yet this ritual is very important to families.

While brainstorming I came up with two rough ideas for a photo essay. The first deals with the idea of social networking and social interaction via the internet. The idea that a social situation can occur between two or more people without them being in each others presence is an intriguing one and therefore I look to explore and investigate this idea in more detail in the coming days.

The second idea is even less thought out than the previous one, yet I feel I should record it for future reference. During the weekend I shall be visiting my grandmother, my younger brother will also be present. Having these two “models” at my disposal, I feel I could capture something very interesting. There are a multitude of possible thematic strands including “the imparting of knowledge” which I could focus on if I used these two subjects.

Instead of choosing one of the above ideas and discarding the other I will continue to expand on both. If one results in a dead end at least I have the other idea to fall back on. From here I feel I need to begin some research, looking at other photographers works to aid my own. As well as this I need to plan out the rest of my research and also how and when I will make my images.