Post Nine: Evaluation of Brief Two

After presenting my photo essay in class I began the process of critically evaluating my work. I feel I have my research methodology was more extensive and effective this time around and I had a very specific and robust theme. I took inspiration from interesting images and from my own personal experience, this was a good idea because I had a deep understanding of what I was doing.

In relation to the planning and shooting of my photography, I feel this time I was more together; this is partly because we were given more time to undertake this brief. I took my photographs over a two day period at roughly the same time in the afternoon on both occasions.

The first day was spent choosing a good location, taking some general photographs and experimenting with other minor themes I had as back ups such as the idea of advertising in the city. It was also on the first day that I made the choice to take my photos in black and white as I felt it added to the theme rather than took away.

On the second day I spent an hour during rush hour making images. During this time I got many interesting photos. I enjoyed observing a ritual I myself am usually part of. Once I had the images I needed I went home and filtered out some of the unusable ones. Then I made a first edit and a final edit and done some minor cropping and light balancing.

Personally, I feel very happy with the images I shot. I think there is a strong message in the essay as a whole. My favorite image is my fifth image of the lady looking out the bus window, I feel this image encapsulates the mood and emotion I was trying to get across. The blurred bodies  to the left and right work to add a claustrophobic feeling to the image. Finally we still get a sense of the city by the view out the window. 

Although I had adequate images I feel there are much better images that wait to be taken at bus stops across the city. I may follow up this theme at a later date.


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