Post Eight: Refining My Idea

After researching some more I began to focus on the idea of buses being the subject of my photo essay. Due to the fact that I commute to college everyday by bus I have an understanding of the frustration and despondency that can be felt sometimes when using public transport. This can stem from the lack of control entailed in public transport or the lack of personal space at rush hour.


By Jane Bown

Photo by Jane Bown


This photograph by Jane Bown of a woman sitting on a London bus is very powerful. The way in which it is shot makes it as though we are witnessing an individual in some sort of transient state. The woman seems to be in some sort of dazed state. When using transport people are in a sense in limbo. It is a means of getting to a particular place, which most of us would be happy to be teleported to.

Photo by Markus Hartel

Photo by Markus Hartel


Although this picture is not as expressive as the previous image it still has a message. I feel this image does well at getting across the feeling of city life: the harsh human concrete constructs. It also indicates very clearly the theme of transport by including the “Bus” sign on the road. I may choose to do something like this in my photo essay.









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