Post Seven: Research

After researching the concept “Living in the City” I came across several interesting themes and photographic works. Based on my own experience, when I thing of the theme “Living in the City” I gravitate towards issues regarding personal space and public transport. Coming from a rural town where people have lots of personal space, these matters seem almost alien.

By Peter Marlow

By Peter Marlow


In this image of a worker by Peter Marlow, we get a sense of the lack of personal space surrounding the act of commuting using public transport. Bodies fill the image in an almost claustrophobic manner. The image makes the viewer uneasy. The fact that the image is in black and white means more attention is paid to the emotion. It also helps to get across the feeling of transience which comes hand in hand with commuting. 




Richard Kalvar

By Richard Kalvar



This is another powerful image that deals with personal space and public transport. Taken on the Tokyo subway, this image shows the dehumanizing nature of some public transport. It is almost a limbo which people must endure to arrive at their destination.





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