Post Five: Evaluation Of Brief One

After I completed my presentation I began the process of critically evaluating the work I did for my first photo essay. I feel my research prior to shooting was substantial and beneficial. I took inspiration from both physical images and also topical debates. I feel over all my concept was very strong and meaningful.

My first photo shoot was quite productive and I got some good shots. Due to the fact that I knew my subject I found the process quite relaxed. This being said, I still found the process slightly daunting as I had to work within the guidelines of my brief and also to a deadline. 

Looking back over the photos I took, I feel if I had more time I could have gotten some better shots. One problem I faced was poor lighting. This was due to the time at which I chose to shoot (evening time). Also, I found I was slightly rusty with my concept of ISO/ Aperture/ Shutter Speed.    If I were to redo the shoot I would use a lower ISO so that the images wouldn’t have such a noisy look.

One image I was happy with was the close-up which showed the refection of the computer screen. I feel this was an idea that translated very well from my head to the camera.

For my next brief I will make sure to take more time preparing my scene in which I am shooting. I will also try to figure out the best ISO/ Aperture/ Shutter Speed combination before I begin shooting. Finally I will experiment with a lot more angles during my next shoot, something I didn’t do enough of during my first one.


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