Post Four: Shooting and Editing

Yesterday I finally got the chance to shoot my images. I chose to use my sitting room as the setting as it is held as the conventional place of conversing and also it gives a good sense of the mood I am trying to create. I got my subject to sit on the couch and chat to some friends using her laptop. While she chatted I snapped some photos. I started with some wide angle shots trying to get in as much of the room as possible, I then took some closer shots to get more detail and meaning into my story.

If I had more time and I planned it a bit more I feel I could have taken some better images. I also ran into trouble with lighting. Due to the fact that the room was lit incandescently my images came out slightly noisy.

I addressed this issue in post processing. I decreased the noise, sharpened up the image and lightened them up a bit as they seemed slightly dark. I also cropped some of the closer up images of the face of my subject. 

All in all I am quite happy with what I have done, if I had another chance I would experiment with some different locations and angles.


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