Post Three: Research Photography (Part 2)

Over the weekend I toyed with the two ideas I had. After some research I decided to go with the “social networking and social interaction via the internet” concept as I feel it will require more skill and it will be more fun to shoot. This concept is also contemporary and has more depth than my other idea.

I decided to do some research, looking for inspiration. I found some interesting images on sites such as One problem with this concept is that it is quite hard to find images of a similar theme and composure that are taken by well known, professional photographers.

Besides this I found a few interesting images which I may draw inspiration from when taken my own photographers.

Image by Davide Monteleone

In this image we see a woman sitting in an empty room with what appears to be a laptop. The use of a wide angle shot is important here as it shows the emptiness.

Image by Tomas van Houtryve

This is another shot I found interesting. I like how there are two levels of depth to this image. We get to see a close-up of our subject and  get a sense that they are involved in what they are doing, the reflection in the glasses adds that second level of depth, although the computer screen is not directly in the shot we no it is still present.

With these images in mind I feel I am quite prepared to start experimenting myself with my concept. I have a good basis from which to work from and am excited to being shooting.


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