Post Two: Research Photography (Part I)

Today I decided to research some photographic essays which relate in some way to the theme; “a social situation”. I searched message boards for online sites that provide good archives of photo essays, some of these include

http://www.magnumphotos.comhttp://www.burnmagazine.org and

Of the many image I came across only a few related in some respects to my brief. Images such as the following ones do not relate to what I want to say but are still interesting images worth mentioning.

The image above is an interesting take on a social situation, the image seems to address the idea of love which, although wildly complex, never seems quite as simple as it does when we’re young.

The following links also host images which hold some kind of social situation which I found interesting and inspiring. I feel both images do well to depict the mood and atmosphere at the time of shooting.

Although these images give me some help and ideas in relation to mood and atmosphere after two hours of research I still have not yet found images that deal with the two possible angles I am taking in relation to my assignment (social media and grandmother and grandson). This evening I hope to do some further research, but for now I have to catch a train!


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